Reproductive Choice

There are plenty of different reproductive choices out there. Keeping yourself safe for sexually transmitted diseases(STIs) and/or unwarranted pregnancy is an important to health or emotional self. There are different methods that someone can take to protect themselves. Barrier, hormonal, behavioral, awareness, surgical, and intrauterine contraceptive are all types of methods that prevent pregnancy and/or STIs. Some barriers methods for male and female condoms, spermicides, contraceptive sponge, the diaphragm , the cervical cap. The cervical cap, the diaphragm, and female and male condoms protect individuals for STIs. Male condoms are 98% effective towards pregnancy. Hormonal methods includes oral contraceptives, progestin-only pills, contraceptive skin patch, vaginal contraceptive ring, contraceptive injections, and contraceptive implants. Oral contraceptives are pills that women take to protect themselves from pregnancy. Oral contraceptives are 99% effective, however the pill does not protect women from STIs. When on any of the hormonal methods, people should also use a male condom to protect themselves from STIs. Nexplanon is a contraceptive implants. Nexplanon is a small, soft plastic capsule that is inserted just beneath the skin on the inner side of a woman’s upper underarm by a health care provider. Nexplanon releases a low and steady does of progestin for up to 3 years. Nexplanon is high effectively of 99.95%. Intrauterine contraceptives are making a come back. Intrauterine device is a small, plastic, flexible device with a nylon string attached that is places in the uterus through the cervix and left there for 3 to 10 years. Some advantages of the IUD are that its 99% effective, doesn’t need to be replace till 3-10 years, and IUD can be removed at any time. Behavioral methods and  fertility awareness methods require more self-control, diligence, and commitment more than the other ones that are listed above. Withdrawal is removing the penis from the vagina just prior to ejaculation. This method is a high risk of pregnancy and STIs. Abstinence is the only method of avoiding pregnancy that is 100% effective. Fertility awareness methods rely on altering sexual behavior during certain times of the month based on the facts that an ovum can survive for up to 48 hours after ovulation and sperm can live up to 5 days in the vagina. The last method is the surgical. Sterilization has become the second leading method of contraception for women of all ages and the leading method among married women and women over 30.

Choosing contraception is an important decision. When choosing a contraception some questions to keep in mind on what one or ones will work the best.

  • How comfortable would I be using a particular method?
  • Will this method be convenient for me and my partner?
  • Am I at risk for the transmission of STIs?
  • Do I want to have a biological child in the future?
  • How would an unplanned pregnancy affect my life?
  • What are my religious and moral values in relation to contraception?
  • How much will the borsht control method cost?
  • Do I have any health factors that could limit my choice?
  • Are there any additional benefits I’d like to get from my contraceptive?

When a couple is ready or unplanned pregnancy happens, a woman goes through a process of growing a baby. There are three trimesters that a woman goes through during this time. Here is where the baby starts to develop. Its important for an excepting mother to have the proper nutrition. A woman who is having a baby should eat/drink foods that have folic acid, iron, calcium, and lots of fluids. If a soon-to-be mother does not get the proper nutrients the baby could have a high risk of substandard mental and physical development. Exercise is also important. Exercise can help control weight, make labor easier, and help with a faster recovery because of increased strength and endurance. Mothers-to-be should also stay away from drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other teratogens. When the baby is ready to be delivered , the woman gives birth. There are three stages of childbirth. Stage 1 is dilation of the cervix and the transition. Stage 2 is expulsion. The last stage three is the delivery of the placenta.

Relating this topic to my health aspect of clean eating would be the link of pregnancy. Having a clean eating diet will help the baby mature and get the proper nutrients that they need to grow.

Update on my health aspect. I am doing pretty well. I have been sticking to my plans that I make every week. I had only one oops day, Sunday. I was enjoying the game day munchies a little too much. I am going to plan on better healthier and cleaner snacks for this Sunday. I need to be better prepared. I also met with my nutritionist yesterday, Tuesday, and I have been doing pretty well in the measurements and weight. I have lost 5lbs and 3 inches since I have started eating cleaner. I also gained some muscle.


Myself with my mom and Aunt in NYC 


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