The Importance of Psychological Health

I believe that psychology health is an important aspect to anyone’s health. Chapter 2 opens up with the different dimensions of psychological health and the importance of each dimension. Spiritual, emotional, mental, and social are the components to everyone’s psychological health. Each dimension poessesses strengths and resiliency for maintaining overall well-being health and to help you through tough situations that life may throw at you. 

Support systems are every important to everyone’s health. Family, friends, and people who are there to support are very important. Being able to have someone who can help is important. Support systems will let people get help, love, and care for their aspects of emotional and social health. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a person without my family, especially mom, dad, and three of my very close cousins. In July, I decided to become a fully-time student after 10 years of being in the work force and only going part-time for school. This was a huge change for me. I leaned on these people to help me make the appropriate decision mentally and financially. After the multiple chats on how to execute the best plan, I came to the conclusion to go back to school full-time. 

Another topic, chapter 2 talks about is mental illness. I believe that this topic is very very important! I believe lots of people struggle with some type of mental illness. Personally, I have struggled with depression most of my adolescent and adult life. I am thankfully enough to have learned how to see the signs and learn to live with depression. Again, having my support system of my family has helped me through some much. 

My Support System:

 Here, I am with my cousins and mom (I’m in the middle) at the Red Sox game back in July, we had a girl weekend in Boston

Here’s my mom and dad in Nashville 

My psychology health impacts on my health aspect of clean eating. I am a HUGE emotional eating! Watch out junk food, here I come! I have always struggled with emotional eating. I find so much comfort in food. During my process with my health aspect, I have been doing well with my emotions. I have not open a bag of Cheetos puffs. I know this concept with eating will come up again next week, with stress because surprise surprise I am a stress eater too. I have been working on both of these. I find myself either going for a walk or run, yoga, or just sitting down and talking someone’s ear off. Well, we see how I am when midterms and finals arrive. 

Update on the recipes and the week. The lo mein was yummy. I was like eating Chinese food, but without all the added calories and artificial stuff. Last nights dinner, Holy Moley it was delicious! I would suggest to anyone to try the butternut squash and spinach lasagna roll. My dad had seconds, which was shocking bc he does not like butternut squash or spinach. 


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