Here Goes Nothing…


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is striving the first week. I know personally, I have been struggle a tad. I didn’t realize how much the switch from working full-time to part-time to full-time student would have affected me. Boy, I have been tried!

Anyways on the reason for this blog…

After reading chapter one, I found the chapter to be knowledgeable. I learned a lot from it. I knew some of the basic information, like what is health and wellness and dimensions of health. I knew that you need all of the 6 dimension to achieve wellness. Which at the end of the chapter, I did the self assessment test.  I wasn’t too alarmed that I need to work on, only off by 1 point on each category, physical health, social health, and emotional health. I know that I am very tough on myself. I am not in the best of shape, but working to change that.  I am not the best person in social gatherings. I am very shy when meeting new people.

Also, in chapter one, I learned  the transtheoretical model. As I was reading about this model, I started to think of my own journey. Right now I am in between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stages. I know that I have a problem with eating and definitely needs to change. I have started to prep myself for this change, start eating cleaner. Now I am taking action, preparing my meals and starting to be knowledgable with my intake of food. I believe that I will be in the 3rd and 4th stage for most of the semester. Hopefully by the end of semester I will be in the maintenance stage.

Another take away from this chapter was the improving health behaviors: pre contemplation and contemplation section. I learned a lot from this section. I started to apply to my journey of a healthier me. Breaking down by steps is helpful. I am strating to increase my awareness on my behavior with eating non-healthy foods. Right now, I am contemplating the change. Examining my habits and patterns, the “whys”. I have identified the behaviors and learning about the consequences of not changing my unhealthy eating, obesity, diabetes, depression, etc.

During this week, I am going to work on writing SMART goals. My plan to write my goals for the week. This week , I am going to plan all of my meals for the week. Below, I have planned out my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week.

After filling out the contact last week, I chose to eat healthier and cleaner. Yes, there has been some struggles. Tiredness has gotten the best of me! It’s much easier to eat like crap when you’re not focus and tired. But this week I am going to work on preparing all my meals a head of time. So that I don’t get the urge to grab and go something that isn’t healthy. I have found through chapter one that taking one small change will help stay on track to my goal. With that said, my small goal for this week is to stay according to my meal planning. Which I will include, so that everyone can help me stay on track.

Here is the meal for the week (you will find that I am a creature of habit):

Breakfast: smoothies; blueberries, protein powder(chocolate), PPB2, water

Lunch:salad, ground turkey meat

Dinner (the fun part):

Monday – crock pot Lo Mein,

Tuesday – Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna Rolls,,  salad

Wednesday – Chicken Cacciatore w/ Mushrooms,, with whole wheat pasta, salad

Thursday and Friday –  Leftovers, since there is only 3 of us eating these meals.

I added the recipes for dinner in case anyone else is struggling or wants to try them! I will report next week which ones failed and passed!

I have to do a better job taking pictures, but this was a smoothie I made this we


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