First Step on Clean Eating

Good morning everyone! My name is Heather Taylor. I am a Senior here at BSU, excited about graduating this May. I am pursing  Business Management with a minor in Human Resource Management.   I live in Norwood with my parents, who I call my roommates :-), my two dogs, my kitties. I love animals as you can tell from all the pets that I have.I am very family oriented person. My family is everything. I enjoy every minute with them. I come from a big family. I am a part-time nanny to two amazing boys. I have been with the family for 6 years as their full-time nanny, but now since both boys are in school full time I work part-time. Since I went part-time, I decided to come back to school full-time. Just a little swamp! I am a country living girl. Which you can tell by my profile picture on Facebook. In June, my family and I went down to Nashville for the CMA fest. My favorite country artist is Miranda Lambert, which I go to take a picture with her star.

As you can tell from the title, my health aspect is clean eating. I have been on this journey for about a month. I wanted to gain knowledge on how to make my life healthier. I have always have struggled with my weight and eating habits. I have always made bad decision on what I have put into my mouth. I work with a nutritionist every week, to help me choose the correct foods and get the correct knowledge about food. I am excited to see what the next 15 weeks bring and how much I will grow as person!


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